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Re-Volt is a radio control car racing themed video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999. It made appearances on the PlayStationPCNintendo 64 and Dreamcast, with a spinoff: RC Revenge for PlayStation and an enhanced port called RC Revenge Pro for PlayStation 2.

                                   The changes in this version is

  • - Now you can win more cars in SinglePlayer
  • - The SinglePlayer is more difficult
  • - In the game is added difficulty level on cars/tracks
  • - To win the most powerful car on his class you must win Championship
  • - To win the lowest cars on his class you must win all tracks on his class
  • - To win the medium cars on his class you must collect all stars in Practice
  • - To unlock tracks you must win Championship
  • - New costom tracks to play in SinglePlayer or Multiplayer
  • - Cougar,Humma,Toyeca,AMW boxes are changed for the new difficulty mode
  • - The game have a new translate (Romanian)
  • - Brand new AI Nodes on all track

                  Download Game


Download :!kY80wSSQ!SPASR1hYFL7wHWc2nQEZCAdPu4jLeFLF6nybGbPZc9E




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