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The Mountain Battle (Coming Soon)


This map is a team based game because you must protect and attack at the same time and destroy the enemies bases.


On this map are 3 different bases . Every base has a one direct path to the other base . So your team must attack and defense at the same time.

The available race's are Orc, Undead and Human

Before starting the map you can select whatever team you want .
You can also have computer on you match to fill up the empty slot's if you don't have enough players to play.
If you want to learn the mechanics/secret's/tips you can do this by pressing F9 (Quest Menu).


This map support's AI on all melee difficulty's (Easy, Normal , Insane) you can do this at the GameRoom before starting the map. On each difficulty the AI will fight/buy/attack/protect differently so be aware. You can acces an AI panel by typing on that /menu and then it will popup some buttons with [Kick/AIMenu/etc] . On the AI Menu you will have the command's [I need backup] , [I need gold] , [Protect the Castle] . Those are the command's for now on the future will be added more.

Learn the map

This map is simple and complicated at the same time. First of all it's simple because you only must to handle a single unit and protect your castle.

But the complicated one are:

1. Learning the item's/abbilities/recipes for items

2 . Learning the Creep camps 

3. Knowing the Hero Abbilities

4. -----|------ the map and camping spot's


Item's Recipes

This is really important if you play with other players or high difficulty AI because they will buy some of those item's [SecretItems] and use those to destory you.

First of all the Secret Items can be found at the Secret Shop . This structure will spawn randomly on the map on one of those Creep spots and this structure contains multiple items. In order to make those items you must collect the required items in order for that Secret Item to complete. All the requirements for every item are displayed on the discription on that item in game.


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